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A New Water Pump Is Now Used For Certain 3500 And G3500 Engines {1361} New Software Is Now Used on Certain G3500 Engines {1920} Software Update for Certain Tier 4 Final Industrial Engines {7610, 7620} New Exhaust Manifold Components Are Now Used For Certain 3512C HD And 3516C HD Engines {1059} A New Turbocharger Is Now Used on Certain 3516B Generator Set Engines {1052, 1053} New Engine Software Is Now Used For Certain G3500 Engines For Shutdown Strategy {1920} A New Optional Service Replacement Crankcase Breather, Oil Fill Group, and Oil Level Gauge Group Are Available for Certain C12 Marine Engines Equipped with a Compact Heat Exchanger {1120, 1316, 1326} New Components For The ISO Mounts Of The Radiator Are Used On Certain C13 Engines {1353} New ESTAT Motor Mount Assembly Is Now Used on Certain C175 Engines {135V} A New Cylinder Head to Cylinder Block Oil Feed Dowel Is Now Used For C175 Commercial Engines {1201} Improved Exhaust Manifold Bracket Plate for C175 Locomotive Engines {1059} New Heat Shields Are Used on Certain C175 Locomotive Engines {1067} New HEUI Pump Oil Lines Are Now Used on Certain C9 Engines {1307, 1714} New Severe Service DEF Manifold Filter Option Available for Tier 4 Final C9.3-C18 Engines {108K, 3206} New Turbochargers Are Now Used on Certain 3516 and C175-16 Locomotive and Marine Engines {1052} Improved Needle Valve Fuel Supply Tubes Are Now Used on Certain G3600 A4 Engines {1274} A New Coolant Pressure Sensor Is Now Used on Certain G3600 A4 Engines {1439} A New Vertical Exhaust Elbow is Available for Certain 3512 and 3516 Marine Engines {1061} A New Duplex Oil Filter Control Plate Is Now Used For Certain C175 Engines {131D, 7557} A New Tube and Support Is Now Used on Certain G3516 Engines {1380} New Marine Engine Control Panel Software Is Used on Certain Marine Engines {7490} An Improved Exhaust Manifold Group Is Now Used For Certain 3512E Engines {1059} Discussion of Aftercooler Maintenance and Replacement Intervals Are Available for Certain Marine Engines Equipped With Sea Water Aftercooling {1063} New Exhaust Gaskets Are Used on Certain 3500 Engines {1059} An Improved Cylinder Block Is Now Used for C7 Engines {1201}

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