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2014/09/19 New Monitor Software Gp Is Now Used on Certain Cat Engines {7620} 2014/09/26 The Adjustment Screw Used For Certain C175 Rocker Arm Assemblies Has Been Improved {1123} 2014/09/12 Cat Reman Now Offers New Turbocharger and Cartridge Groups for Certain Commercial Engines {1052, 1053} 2014/09/12 Cat Reman Announces the Addition of Transmission Clutch Plates for Certain Petroleum Engines {3160} 2014/12/12 A New Bracket Is Used to Mount the Boost Pressure Sensor on Certain Marine 3500C Engines {1408, 1439} 2014/10/17 Cat Reman Has Added New Piston Body Assemblies for Certain G3500 Engines {1214} 2014/09/05 Cat Reman Announces New Fuel Pump, Fuel Ratio Control, and Fuel Injector Options for Certain Engines {1251, 1278} 2014/09/05 Cat Reman Has Added Valve Lifters, Rocker Arms, and Camshafts for Certain Engines and Generator Set Engines {1123, 1130, 1209, 1210} 2015/03/06 New Electric Priming Pump Mounting Hardware Is Now Used on Certain C8.7 Marine Engines {1258, 1260} 2014/09/05 Water In Fuel Sensor Wiring on Certain C3.4B Engines {1408, 7422} 2014/09/26 New Turbocharger Oil Drain Tubes Are Used for Certain 3500 Engines {1052, 1307} 2014/12/05 New Wiring Harnesses and Connectors Are Used On Certain G3500BEngines {1408} 2014/10/31 An Improved Assembly Procedure For Auxiliary Water Pumps Used on Certain 3500 and G3500 Engines {1371} 2014/09/26 New Fuel Priming Pump and Secondary Fuel Filter Base for Certain C7.1,C6.6 and C4.4 Engines {1256, 1258, 1261, 1263, 1274} 2014/10/03 A New Ignition Transformer Group Is Available For Certain G3500C, G3500E, and G3600 Engines {1409, 1550} 2014/10/03 New Aftercooler Elbow Mounting Brackets Are Now Used On Certain 3600 and C280 Engines {1063, 1063} New Oil Cooler and Turbochargers Are Available for Certain 3512C Land Drilling Engines {1052, 1053, 1378} 2014/08/01 New Engine Software Is Used on Certain 3512C Well Fracturing Engines {1901, 1920} 2014/08/01 A New Alternator and Mounting Hardware Are Used For Certain G3306B Engines {1405} 2014/08/01 New Instrument Panel Box Gp Is Now Available as a Service Replacement for Certain Cat<SUP>&reg;</SUP> Products {4490} 2014/08/01 Cat Reman Now Offers Additional Engine Options for Certain C32 Industrial Engines {1000} 2014/08/08 Cat Reman Has Added Alternators and Starting Motor Groups for Certain Engines and Generator Set Engines {1405, 1453} 2014/08/15 Additional Cat Reman Engines and Long Blocks Are Available for Engine Applications {1000} 2014/07/25 Improved Design For Battery Charger Is Now Used On Certain Generator Sets {751B} 2014/07/25 New Engine Software Is Used on Certain C18 Marine Engines {1901, 1920}

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