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2009/08/31 New Engine Software Is Available for Some G3516B Engines {1920} 2009/08/24 New Fuel Injection Lines {1251, 1252} 2009/08/31 Diagnostic Process for Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor {127A, 1439} 2009/10/01 Improved Exhaust Components and Heat Shields Are Used on Some G3520C Engines {1059, 1067} 2009/08/03 Radiator {1353, 1356, 1395} 2009/08/03 Pistons and Piston Rings {1225, 1225} 2009/08/17 A New Hose Assembly for the Coolant Outlet from the Turbocharger Is Used on Some 3508B and 3512B Engines {1355, 1380, 1393} 2009/08/17 New Injectors and Camshafts Are Now Used for Some C18 Engines That Are Installed on O & K Shovels {1210, 1290, 1901, 1920} 2009/10/28 New Brackets and New Hardware Are Used for the Upper Heat Exchanger on C18 Engines {1379} 2009/09/07 Updated Information on the Starter Motor Mag Switch (SMMS) for Electronic Controlled Marine Engines {1424, 1453, 7499} 2009/08/10 A Spring has been Added to the Ignition Transformer on G3400 and G3500 Engines {1550} 2009/09/30 Changes to the Gasket for the Engine Oil Filter Base on Some C11 and C13 Engines {1306, 7555} 2009/08/10 A New Connecting Rod Assembly Is Being Used In The G3600 Engines With A Compression Ratio of 9.2:1 {1218} 2009/07/13 A Hotline for the Fuel Systems for Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injectors (HEUI) Is Now Available. {1251, 1254, 1290, 1713} 2009/06/29 Installation Procedure for the Exhaust Bellows Assembly on 3508B Locomotive Engines {1059} 2014/09/12 New Alternators for C6.6 and C4.4 Engines {1405, 1425} 2009/10/01 A New Gasket and Hardware Are Used for the Water Lines In Some 3500 and G3500 Engines {1052, 1380} 2009/07/06 A New Liquid Detector Group Is Used for the Continuous Prelubrication System in 3600 and C280 Engines {1326, 1334, 1350} 2009/06/08 Special Torques and Procedures Are Used when the Check Valve Is Installed in the Crankcase Ventilation System {1051, 1054, 1074} 2009/06/08 Proper Alignment of the Elbow and the Tube Assembly on the Adapter for the Oil Cooler Base of Some Marine Engines {1306, 1308} 2009/06/01 Make Sure that the Generator Set Is Stored Properly {1021, 1404, 7002} 2009/07/13 Improved Diagnostic Procedures Are Now Used to Determine Proper Belt Alignment on C9 Marine Engines {1358, 1397} 2009/06/22 Fuel Injection Pump Latch Valve {1251} 2009/06/08 A Hotline for the Fuel Systems for Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injectors (HEUI) Is Now Available. {1251, 1290} 2009/06/01 Guidelines for Reusability of Cylinder Head Studs, Main Bearing Cap Studs, Main Bearing Cap Cross Tie Bolts, and Connecting Rod Cap Bolts and Nuts {1100, 1218, 1230}

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