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1998/01/20 Articulated Pistons Used {1214} 1998/01/20 The 154-6732 Pump Kit Is Available To Help Service The Unit Injector Hydraulic Pump Group {1714} 1998/01/20 New Fuel Filtration System Available {1261,1263,1274} 1997/12/16 New Solenoid Valve Group (Gas Shutoff) Provides Improved Reliability {1704} 1997/12/16 Be Sure To Use Correct Valve When Replacing The Mixer Assembly In Carburetor Group {1266} 1997/12/16 New Basic Governor Groups (Woodward 3161) Have Self-Contained Oil Supply {1264} 1997/11/14 Handling Instructions For Water Pumps{1361} 1997/11/14 Electronic Control Group (Data Booster) Available In Order To Enhance The Signal From The Electronic Control Module (ECM) To The Receiving Device{1408} 1997/10/10 Improved Piston Crown Assembly Used In The Rod And Piston Group{1214} 1997/09/15 Lubricity Limit Added To Preferred Distillate Fuel Recommendation{1280} 1997/09/15 New Diagnostic Logic Used In Personality Modules{1901} 1997/09/15 Procedure For Disassembly And Assembly Of The Pressure Relief Valve{1233} 1997/09/15 New Exhaust Shield Groups Use Soft Wrap Insulation Instead Of Hot Box Shielding{1067} 1997/08/01 New Manual Valve Group [Measure Cylinder Pressure (Kiene Valve)] Used; Kiene Valve Installation Procedure {1100,1118} 1997/08/01 Changes To Cylinder Head Salvage Procedure {1100} 1997/08/01 New Turbocharger Wash Water Lines Groups Used {1052} 1997/08/01 Reliability And Fatigue Strength Improved In Connecting Rod {1218,1219} 1997/08/01 Correct Procedure For Installing Hydraulically Actuated Electronic Unit Injectors (HEUI) {1290} 1997/07/01 Updated Connecting Rod Bolt Tightening Procedure{1218} 1997/07/01 Software Serviceability{1902} 1997/05/01 Recommended Operating Procedure And New Change Criteria For Vokes Fuel Filters{1261} 1997/05/01 New Electronic Pyrometer And Instrument Panel Mounting Group Improves Reliability{7451,7466} 1997/04/01 Low Idle Adjustment, Additional "Buffer" Spring Adjustment Screw Used On Marine Governors{1264} 1997/03/01 New Procedure For Tightening Bolts On Center Cluster Stub Shaft And Camshaft Idler Stub Shafts In Rear Gear Groups{1206,1237} 1997/03/01 New Turbocharger Group And Air Cleaner Mounting Group Provide Improved Reliability{1051,1052}

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