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1995/03/01 New Vent Lines Groups Prevent Air From Being Trapped Inside Water Cooled Turbocharger Housings {1380} 1995/03/01 New Continuous Prelube Pump And Lines Groups Available {1319} 1994/12/01 New Cylinder Blocks Made From Stronger Alloy{1201} 1994/11/01 Production Conversion Arrangements For Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Engines{1550} 1994/11/01 3054 And 3056 Commercial Engine Fuel Injection Pump Service{1251} 1994/11/01 Verification of Connecting Rod Eye Bushing Retention When Overhauling Engines{1218} 1994/10/01 Fuel Priming Pump Can Be Installed On Either Left Or Right Side Service Fuel Filter Groups {1258} 1994/09/01 New Operation And Maintenance Videos Available {0374} 1994/09/01 Longer Studs And Spacers Used To Retain Exhaust Manifolds {1059} 1994/09/01 Caterpillar Introduces New Long Life Heavy Duty Engine Coolant {1395} 1994/08/01 Additional Troubleshooting Information For Electronic Ignition System (EIS){1550} 1994/08/01 New Exhaust Manifolds, Longer Mounting Studs And Spacers Used In Exhaust Manifold Groups{1059} 1994/07/01 SR4 Generator Bearing Update{4471} 1994/06/01 New Water Cooled Exhaust Valve And Valve Seat Insert; New Installation Procedure {1103,1105} 1994/06/01 New Personality Modules Available For High Performance Marine Engines {1902} 1994/06/01 Installation Procedure For 1R-0716 Engine Oil Filter {1318} 1994/05/01 Service Tools For Electronic Controls{0781,0782} 1994/05/01 New Electric Starting Motor Group Available {1453,1467} 1994/05/01 New Higher Capacity Oil Pump Used{1304} 1994/05/01 Fuel Dilution In The Engine Oil{1290,1318} 1994/01/01 Proper Storage of Caterpillar Electric Set Generators{1404} 1994/01/01 New 3161 Governors{1289} 1993/12/01 Uses, Characteristics, And Removal of Castrol Tarp®, Tarp-B®, And 4164® 1993/12/01 Oil Guidelines For 3600 Engines 1993/12/01 Carburetor Control Linkage (EG3P Governor)

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