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1993/12/01 New Fuel Injection Lines, Clamps, And Brackets Used In Fuel Injection Lines Groups 1993/12/01 New Fuel Filter Helps Prevent Hard Starting Due To Injector Wear 1993/12/01 New Control Assemblies Used In Fuel Injection Control Groups 1993/11/01 8T-8697 Electronic Control Analyzer Programmer (ECAP) Improved 1993/11/01 New Exhaust Valve and Water Cooled Valve Seat Inserts (Heavy Fuel Engines Only) 1993/11/01 Oil Recommendations For The 3500 Family Of Engines 1993/09/01 Low Sulfur Fuel (USA Low Emission Engine Operation; Low Sulfur Fuel Outside The USA) 1993/09/01 Dealer Installed Air Inlet Heater Starting Aid Available 1993/07/01 New Exhaust Manifold End And Center Sections Used In Dry Type Exhaust Manifold Groups 1993/06/01 Preventive Maintenance To Reduce Risk Of Stator Failure 1993/06/01 New Fuel Pump Drive Idler Gear Assembly And Shaft Used In Front Timing Gear Groups 1993/06/01 New Cast Iron Inlet Adapter And Impeller For Water Pumps 1993/06/01 New Water Pump Groups Use Tapered Roller Bearing 1993/05/01 Service Tips For Effective Repair Of Failed Turbochargers 1993/05/01 New Jacket Water Heater Mounting Groups Include Improved Hoses 1993/05/01 Low Idle Adjustment (Additional "Buffer" Adjustment Screw Used On Marine Governors 1993/04/01 New Seal Group Used In Water Pump Groups 1993/04/01 Governor Control Adjustment 1992/11/01 Supplemental Coolant Additive Requirements 1992/10/01 Improved Fuel Injection Line Assemblies And Clamps Used 1992/09/01 Supplemental Coolant Additive Requirements 1992/09/01 Major Engine Component Changes 1992/08/01 Reusability of Exhaust Valves in All Caterpillar Engines 1992/07/01 New Ways To Use The 6V2100 Multitach 1992/06/01 New Radial Seal Air Filter Elements And Conversion Kits Available For Parts Service

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