3100 SERIES INDUSTRIAL ENGINES Power Coupling System Caterpillar

Power Coupling System
1.1. Enclosed Clutches And/Or Front Power Take-Off
2.2. Checking Clutch Adjustment
3.2. Adjusting Clutch
4.2. Lubricating Flywheel Clutch
5.1. Electric Set Generator

Enclosed Clutches And/Or Front Power Take-Off

Checking Clutch Adjustment

While engaging the clutch to pick up the load, check the clutch adjustment. The clutch should engage with a hard push and distinct snap. If engagement is "soft", adjust the clutch.

Adjusting Clutch

1. Stop the engine and remove the clutch inspection cover.


2. Turn the clutch until the lock pin, engaged in the locking ring, is visible.
3. Pull the lock pin out and rotate the locking ring clockwise until the lock pin pops into the next notch.


4. Test the clutch adjustment. If still too "soft", rotate the ring to the next notch. If the adjustment is too tight-turn the ring back one notch.
5. Install the cover.

Lubricating Flywheel Clutch

The flywheel clutch bearings are grease lubricated, except the main shaft bearing. The main shaft bearing is oil lubricated.

1. Lubricate the shift lever bearings; 1 fitting on each side of clutch housing.

1. Oil level gauge

2. Lubricate the pilot bearing; 1 fitting at the end of shaft. If this fitting is not accessible, remove the plug located on the circumference of the shaft near the rear of the housing, and install a fitting.
3. Lubricate the shift-collar bearings; 1 fitting at top-left of center.
4. Check the main shaft bearing oil reservoir level with engine stopped. Maintain the oil level at the FULL mark on the oil level gauge. Add oil through the filler tube on top of the bearing cage housing. See the Lubrication and Maintenance Chart for proper oil.
5. To drain the reservoir: Remove the drain plug located on the lower right side of the shaft bearing reservoir. Drain and install the drain plug. Fill to the FULL mark on the oil level gauge. Install filler cap.

Electric Set Generator

The single bearing used on this generator is sealed and does not require periodic lubrication. The generator is of the brushless design, and therefore requires no maintenance. However, it is important that a preventive maintenance program be practiced.

With engine running:

1. Check meters for correct adjustment and operation.
2. Observe if any unusual noises or vibrations exist.

Stop the engine and remove the rear panel:

1. Inspect wiring for cracked insulation or loose terminal connections.
2. Inspect for dust accumulation or moisture. Clean and/or dry the inside of the generator assembly.
3. Clean the outside of the electric set, and the generator ventilating screens.
4. Inspect the controls for looseness. Tighten hardware when needed.
5. Install the rear panel after completing preventive maintenance. Always have the rear panel installed before placing the generator in service.