G343 INDUSTRIAL ENGINE Identification Caterpillar

1.1. Voltage Setting
2.1. Serial Number
3.1. Generator Lead Numbering

Voltage Setting

Generators are set at the factory for the voltage and type of operation specified. Voltage control initial adjustment instructions are located inside the generator exciter and regulator access cover. These instructions are for adjusting the generator output to nameplate ratings. For further adjustments, see page 5 for single and parallel unit operation.

Serial Number

You can get further information about your generator from your AVSpare dealer. Requests for information and orders for parts should be accompanied by the engine and generator serial numbers. The engine serial number is stamped on the engine information plate and on a plate on the left side of the block toward the rear. The generator serial number is stamped on the generator nameplate on the right side of the generator frame forward of the terminal box.

1. The group of numbers before the letters indicates generator frame size. The letter T may appear before the first group of numbers. This indicates a "tropicalized" generator, that has been dipped in epoxy to prevent moisture entrapment in windings.
2. The letter T is the symbol for AVSpare Statically Regulated Controlled Rectifier generators. The letter B is the symbol for AVSpare Statically Regulated Brushless Excited generators.
3. The next letter indicates the voltage rating of the generator as follows:


L 115-230 volts ... 60 Hz

125-250 volts-Single Phase ... 60 hz

H 230-460 volts ... 60 Hz or

125-216 volts ... 60 Hz or

200-400 volts ... 50 Hz

G 287-575 volts ... 60 Hz or

230-460 volts ... 50 Hz

N 2400 volts ... 60 Hz

SR 4

L 120-240 volts ... 60 Hz or

125-250 volts-Single Phase ... 60 Hz

S 208-416 volts ... 60 Hz

H 240-480 volts ... 60 Hz or

200-400 volts ... 50 Hz

G 300-600 volts ... 60 Hz or

240-480 volts ... 50 Hz

4. The last group of numbers are the actual serial numbers of the generator in the frame size and voltage rating. Always use the complete serial number.

Generator Lead Numbering

Each coil lead is marked according to the following diagram.

Numbering is clockwise from the top and from the outside in. Terminal TO is the neutral lead on all high voltage connections. On low voltage connections TO is connected with T4, T5, and T6 to form the neutral terminal. The standard generator diagram and the terminal connections are on the nameplate of each generator.