1674 DIESEL TRUCK ENGINE Lubrication Instructions Caterpillar

Lubrication Instructions
1.1. Crankcase Lubricating Oil
2.1. Diesel Engine Crankcase
3.1. Diesel Engine Crankcase Lubricating Oil Filter
4.1. Diesel Engine Crankcase Breather
5.1. Lubricating Grease
6.1. Fan Pulley Bearing
7.1. Water Pump Bearing
8.1. Tachometer Drive

Crankcase Lubricating Oil

The Lubrication and Maintenance Charts list the normal oil change periods as determined by fuel sulphur content. (Make an initial oil change after the first 500 miles of operation for reconditioned engines.)

Use oils which meet Engine Service classification CD or MIL-L-2104C. These are additive-type oils that have been approved for use in AVSpare Diesel Engines.

Diesel Engine Crankcase

Check oil level daily before starting engine and when refueling. Check with the engine either running or stopped as indicated on the oil level gauge. Add oil when the level drops to the add oil mark.

Drain the crankcase every 10,000 miles while engine is warm and stopped. If equipped with a 13 qt. supplemental filter system the normal interval can be extended to 15,000 miles. Install drain plug.

Diesel Engine Crankcase Lubricating Oil Filter

Change filter element every 10,000 miles. Drain the filter housing by removing drain plug. Loosen bolt on the cover and remove the housing and filter element.

Inspect seal and install a new one if necessary.

Wash the inside of the filter housing and install a new AVSpare filter element.

After draining crankcase remove filter cap and refill. See page 15 for quantity. Start engine and check for oil leaks at drain plug and filter housing.

Diesel Engine Crankcase Breather

Remove breather tube cover and element. Wash with clean solvent or diesel fuel at each oil change period. Inspect seal and replace if necessary.

Lubricating Grease

Use Multipurpose-type Grease which contains both 3 to 5% molybdenum disulfide conforming to MIL-M-7866, and a suitable corrosion inhibitor. NLGI No. 2 Grade is suitable for most temperatures. NLGI No. 1 or No. 0 are suitable for extremely low temperatures.

Always clean fittings before lubricating.

Fan Pulley Bearing

Lubricate every 10,000 miles. Lubricate through fitting until grease appears at relief fitting on front of fan hub. Wipe off excess grease.

Water Pump Bearing

Lubricate every 10,000 miles. Lubricate through fitting until lubricant appears at relief fitting. Earlier engines have no relief fitting. Excess lubricant will appear at end of water pump shaft.

Tachometer Drive

Lubricate every 10,000 miles. Remove plug. Install grease fitting and apply one stroke of lubricant through fitting.