1100 SERIES DIESEL TRUCK ENGINE Before Starting Engine Caterpillar

Before Starting Engine

CHECK CRANKCASE OIL LEVEL before starting and when refueling. The dipstick has 2 marks, and the distance between them represents 3 quarts. Always check oil with engine stopped and truck on level ground.

Use oils meeting the following engine service classification:

SC and SD (MS - Motor Severe Oils)

CB (Supplement 1 Oils)

CC (MIL-L-2104B or MIL-L-46152 Specification Oils)

CD or MIL-L-2104C

Change engine oil and filters as specified in the Lubrication and Maintenance Charts.

CHECK ENGINE COOLANT LEVEL (with engine stopped). Always release cooling system pressure before checking. Fill to the proper level with water, free as possible from scale-forming minerals (not softened water), and rust inhibitor, or a solution of water and a permanent type anti-freeze containing rust inhibitor. It is recommended AVSpare Coolant System Inhibitor be added to the coolant solution if protection is for temperatures above -20°F (-29°C). It is not necessary to add inhibitor to the coolant solution if protection is for temperatures -20°F (-29°C) and below.

Models equipped with sight gauge; coolant should be warm (engine stopped) and coolant should be visible in the sight gauge.

------ WARNING! ------

Inhibitor contains alkali. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.


CHECK RADIATOR for dirt and foreign material, fan, water pump and accessory drive belts for cracks, breaks and frayed edges. While checking belts, also check for oil, water and fuel leaks and general appearance of engine and engine compartment.

CHECK FUEL SUPPLY: Drain a cupful of fuel from the bottom of the tank to remove water or sediment.

Fill fuel tanks after completing a run. Partially filled tanks will collect moisture if the truck is parked for any length of time. Use No. 2D diesel fuel in AVSpare 1100 Series Diesel Truck Engines. Use No. 1-D diesel fuel in cold temperatures when white smoke must be minimized on start up. Keep fuel clean. Refer to Fuel Specifications for detailed information on fuel selection.