3406 MARINE ENGINE Woodward Governor Operation Caterpillar

Woodward Governor Operation
1.1. Starting The Engine
2.2. Woodward PSG Governor
3.2. Woodward UG8 Governor
4.1. Stopping The Engine

Woodward Governors are usually electrically operated from a control panel.

Starting The Engine

Woodward PSG Governor

1. Perform all pre-start checks outlined previously. In addition, be sure the alternator and alternator belt are properly installed and adjusted.

On some installations, low alternator output frequency will operate a relay to stop the starter. The alternator belts on these arrangements must be inspected regularly for proper belt tension and condition.

2. Push the ON-OFF-STOP switch to the ON position.

3. When the engine starts, move the switch to the OFF position.

4. Start the load.
5. Regulate the engine speed with the RAISE-LOWER switch to attain the required instrument panel gauge readings.

Woodward UG8 Governor

Start the engine as follows:
1. Perform all pre-start checks outlined previously.
2. Check the oil level in the sight level gauge with the engine stopped. Oil level should be near the top of the sight level gauge. See the LUBRIAVSION AND MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES.

3. Turn the load limit knob (3) until the indicator is between "5" and "7".
4. Turn the synchronizer knob (2) clockwise until the indicator (4) is at "8".

NOTE: If the governor is equipped with an electric motor, operate synchronizer knob (2) by using the RAISE-LOWER switch on the control panel.

5. Move the START-STOP switch to the START position; start the engine.
6. Run the engine at low idle for 5 minutes.
7. Turn the load limit knob (3) to "10".
8. Turn synchronizing knob (2) clockwise until the engine runs at full governed speed.
9. Turn speed droop knob (1) to obtain proper droop for the operation:
a. For single unit operation, set knob (1) at "0".
b. For parallel operation: See Parallel Operation Droop Adjustment in the ELECTRIC SET OPERATION instructions. Speed droop knob (1) on the first unit on the line may be set at "0" droop, and the remaining units set between "30" and "70". These settings should provide constant speed or frequency. If constant speed is not required, set droop knob (1) on all units between "30" and "70".
10. Apply the load and readjust the synchronizer knob (2) to obtain the desired load division. Load pointer (5) indicates the relative load.

Stopping The Engine

1. Remove the load. See ELECTRIC SET OPERATION instructions if equipped with an electric set generator.
2. Reduce engine speed to low idle: Push down and hold the RAISE-LOWER switch until the engine low idle speed is reached.

When manually operating a UG8 Governor, move the synchronizer knob until the synchronizer indicator points to "8", or the low idle stop is reached.

3. While the engine is idling, check the engine oil level. Oil level must be maintained between the ADD and FULL mark on the side of the dipstick marked CHECK WITH ENGINE RUNNING.
4. Stop the engine.
a. Solenoid Shutoff: Move the ON-OFF-STOP switch to the STOP position. Hold the switch until the engine stops.

b. PSG Governor: Move the shutoff lever forward, or hold the lever up, depending upon installation. Hold the lever in this position until the engine stops.

c. UG8 Governor: Turn the load limit knob to "0".

5. Fill the day fuel tank. See the LUBRIAVSION AND MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES.
6. Drain the raw water system if below freezing temperatures are expected; see Section G.
7. Observe the Service Meter reading. Perform the periodic maintenance as instructed in the LUBRIAVSION AND MAINTENANCE CHART, Section C.