3406 MARINE ENGINE Air Starting System Caterpillar

Air Starting System
1.1. Filling Motor Oiler
2.1. Emptying Oil Collector Jar
3.1. Adjusting Oiler Feed

Filling Motor Oiler

The motor oiler lubricates the vanes of the starting motor with a fine oil mist as the motor is operating.

When the oiler jar becomes half empty, remove the oil filler plug and fill the jar with clean oil. Refer to the Lubrication and Maintenance Chart for proper oil.


Never allow the jar to become empty. The starting motor will be damaged by lack of proper lubrication.

Emptying Oil Collector Jar

Empty the oil collector jar whenever the jar becomes half full. The collector jar collects both the oil after it has lubricated the starting motor vanes, and the moisture condensation from the compressed air. Do not fill the oiler jar with this used oil.

Adjusting Oiler Feed

If necessary, adjust the oiler to release approximately four drops of oil per minute into the starting motor air stream.

1. The engine must be operated long enough to have the oil warm. Then stop the engine.
2. Move the governor control lever to the SHUT-OFF position.
3. Pull up on the air start control lever and crank the engine.
4. Count the drops of oil released per minute into the air stream.
a. Turn the needle valve (the uppermost knob on the oiler) counterclockwise to increase the number of drops.
b. Turn the needle valve clockwise to decrease the number of drops.