C7 Petroleum Engine Maintenance Interval Schedule Caterpillar

Maintenance Interval Schedule

Ensure that all safety information, warnings, and instructions are read and understood before any operation or any maintenance procedures are performed. The user is responsible for the performance of maintenance, including all adjustments, the use of proper lubricants, fluids, filters, and the installation of new components due to normal wear and aging. The performance of this product may be diminished if proper maintenance intervals and procedures are not followed. Components may experience accelerated wear if proper maintenance intervals and procedures are not followed.

Use whichever of the following that occurs first in order to determine the maintenance intervals: fuel consumption, service hours and calendar time . Products that operate in severe operating conditions may require more frequent maintenance.

Before each consecutive interval is performed, all maintenance from the previous intervals must be performed.

When Required

Battery - Replace
Battery or Battery Cable - Disconnect
Engine Air Cleaner Element (Dual Element) - Inspect/Clean/Replace
Engine Storage Procedure - Check
Fuel System - Prime


Air Tank Moisture and Sediment - Drain
Coolant Level - Check
Driven Equipment - Check
Engine Air Cleaner Service Indicator - Inspect
Engine Oil Level - Check
Fuel System Primary Filter/Water Separator - Drain
Walk-Around Inspection

Initial 20 to 40 Service Hours

Belts - Inspect/Adjust/Replace

Every Week

Battery Charger - Check

Every 250 Service Hours

Coolant Sample (Level 1) - Obtain
Grounding Stud - Inspect/Clean/Tighten

Initial 500 Service Hours

Engine Valve Lash - Check

Every Year

Coolant Sample (Level 2) - Obtain

Every 3000 Service Hours or 3 Years

Coolant (DEAC) - Change

Every 6000 Service Hours or 3 Years

Coolant Extender (ELC) - Add

Every 12 000 Service Hours or 6 Years

Coolant (ELC) - Change

PM Level 1 - Every 6625 L (1750 US gal) of Fuel or 250 Service Hours or 6 Months

Air Shutoff - Test
Alternator - Inspect
Battery Electrolyte Level - Check
Belts - Inspect/Adjust/Replace
Cooling System Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA) - Test/Add
Engine Crankcase Breather - Clean
Engine Oil Sample - Obtain
Engine Oil and Filter - Change
Fan Drive Bearing - Lubricate
Fuel System Primary Filter (Water Separator) Element - Replace
Fuel System Secondary Filter - Replace
Fuel Tank Water and Sediment - Drain
Hoses and Clamps - Inspect/Replace
Radiator - Clean

PM Level 2 - Every 52 990 L (14 000 US gal) of Fuel or 2000 Service Hours or 1 Year

Aftercooler Core - Clean/Test
Aftercooler Core - Inspect
Engine Valve Lash - Check

PM Level 3 - Every 105 980 L (28 000 US gal) of Fuel or 4000 Service Hours or 2 Years

Coolant Temperature Regulator - Replace
Crankshaft Vibration Damper - Inspect
Engine - Clean
Engine Mounts - Inspect

Every 132 475 L (35 000 US gal) of Fuel or 5000 Service Hours

Starting Motor - Inspect
Turbocharger - Inspect
Water Pump - Inspect


Overhaul Considerations

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