Retrofit SCR Aftertreatment Catalyst (SCR) - Clean/Inspect Caterpillar

Catalyst (SCR) - Clean/Inspect
1.1. Component Inspection
2.2. Hatch Gaskets
3.2. Welds
4.2. Reactor Housing
5.2. Reactor External Insulation

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The SCR catalyst should be cleaned if a loss in emissions reduction or an increase in back-pressure is suspected. A rise in temperature may indicate a need to clean the catalyst. The contamination in the exhaust stream will determine the schedule for cleaning.

Inspect for debris, soot, contamination, or foreign material on the face of the SCR brick.

Foreign material or soot may be vacuumed from the face of the brick. If more cleaning is required, consult your Cat dealer for guidelines on cleaning or replacement.

Component Inspection

Hatch Gaskets

  • Gaskets require replacement after a hatch removal.


  • Inspect all surface welds for integrity at maintenance schedules.

Reactor Housing

  • Inspect outer surfaces for warping or other deformities caused by temperature.

Reactor External Insulation

  • Optional insulation blankets are available for the retrofit emissions reactor. The blanket aids in reaching and maintaining heat requirements when operated in extreme temperatures.

  • Inspect thermal blankets / insulation at maintenance intervals.

  • Inspect for deterioration, fraying, or fire hazards,

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