C280-08 Marine Engine Symbols Caterpillar

1.1. General Symbols
2.1. Aftertreatment Symbols

General Symbols

Illustration 1g01168026
The control panel and modules utilize International Graphic Symbols to identify functions.
A typical list of the symbols that are used is shown above.

Aftertreatment Symbols

The following pictograms are on the dosing cabinet to aid in the connection of system components, and explain the lights and switches.

Air In - Compressed air in from source.

Air Out - Compressed air out to the DEF injector.

DEF Return - DEF back to the storage or day tank.

DEF Out - DEF out to the DEF injector.

Pump Operating - A green light indicates that the DEF dosing pump is operating.

Warning Alarm - A yellow light indicates that a warning alarm has been received. The dosing pump is operating.

Shut Down - A red light indicates that the system has received a shutdown event. The dosing pump has stopped.

Service Tool Connector - Connection of the engine ECM and the communication adaptor.

DC Cabinet On/Off - Dosing cabinet on/off switch. Located near main system disconnect switch.

Caution - Voltage - 110V - 50/60Hz - Film that indicates electrical specifications.

Ground (Earth)

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