XQC1600 Power Module Fuel Related Components in Cold Weather Caterpillar

Fuel Related Components in Cold Weather
1.1. Fuel Tanks
2.1. Fuel Filters

Fuel Tanks

Condensation can form in partially filled fuel tanks. Top off the fuel tanks after operating the engine.

Fuel tanks should contain some provision for draining water and sediment from the bottom of the tanks. Some fuel tanks use supply pipes that allow water and sediment to settle below the end of the fuel supply pipe.

Some fuel tanks use supply lines that take fuel directly from the bottom of the tank. If the engine is equipped with this system, regular maintenance of the fuel system filter is important.

Drain the water and sediment from any fuel storage tank at the following intervals:

  • Weekly

  • Oil changes

  • Refueling of the fuel tank

Maintaining these intervals will help prevent water and/or sediment from being pumped from the fuel storage tank and into the engine fuel tank.

Fuel Filters


Do not fill the fuel filters with fuel before installing them. The fuel would not be filtered and could be contaminated. Contaminated fuel will cause accelerated wear to fuel system parts.


AVSpare requires the use of a 4 micron(c) secondary fuel filter for the following reasons: to maximize fuel system life and to prevent premature wear out from abrasive particles in the fuel. Cat high efficiency fuel filters meet these requirements. Consult your Cat dealer for the proper part numbers.

These engines are equipped with a primary filter/water separator. The primary filter/water separator must use a 10 micron filter to a 15 micron filter. The filters are becoming more critical as fuel injection pressures increase to 209 MPa (30000 psi) and higher psi. For more information on priming the fuel system, see the Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Fuel System - Prime" topic (Maintenance Section).

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