XQC1600 Power Module Setup Caterpillar

1.1. Power Module Ground
2.1. Handling
3.1. Exhaust Stack

Power Module Ground

------ WARNING! ------

The Power Module must be properly grounded to prevent accidental injury or death from electrocution.

The switchgear in the power module controls the connection of the generator set to the electric system. The generator frame is grounded to the frame of the floor-standing switchgear. The switchgear must be connected to an earth ground at the site while the power module is operated. This earth ground consists of a ground strap from the ground bar at the switchgear to a ground stake. Consult local wiring codes in order to find the correct cable size and stake material for the appropriate electric load.

When several generators are operating in parallel, connecting all neutral bus bars can result in current circulating through the neutral connections. See this Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Generator Lead Connections" for further information.


------ DANGER! ------

Improper handling of the equipment may result in personal injury or death or damage to the equipment. Handle with care and move the equipment slowly. Ensure that the equipment is not handled in a rough manner. Bodily contact with electrical potential will cause personal injury or death.

  1. After the power module has been inspected, determine whether the shipment is complete. Determine whether the shipment is correct.

  2. Handle the power module with care. Rough handling may damage internal components and to external components.

  3. Avoid scratching or marring of the finish of the power module container. Imperfections in the finish will allow rusting to begin.

  4. When you ship the power module, the generator circuit breaker must be in the CONNECTED position.

Exhaust Stack

This unit has an exhaust stack that may be stored inside the enclosure when the unit is being shipped. The exhaust stack must be assembled as described in the following procedure, prior to using the unit.

    Illustration 1g03653913
    exhaust stack in stored position

    Illustration 2g03653915
    exhaust stack in process of assembly
    (1) inner stack
    (2) outer stack

    Illustration 3g03654170
    (3) inner stack gasket
    (4) outer stack gasket

  1. Assemble the inner stack (1), and inner stack gasket first (3).

  2. Lift the outer stack (2) over the inner stack and assemble to the roof with outer stack gasket (4).

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