C280-12 Marine Engine Product Storage Caterpillar

Product Storage
1.1. Engine Storage
2.1. Aftertreatment System Storage
3.2. SCR Systems
4.2. Removal of SCR Catalysts

Engine Storage

If the engine will not be started for several weeks, the lubricating oil will drain from the cylinder walls and from the piston rings. Rust can form on the cylinder liner surface. Rust on the cylinder liner surface will cause increased engine wear and a reduction in engine service life.

To help prevent excessive engine wear, use the following guidelines:

  • Complete all the lubrication recommendations that are listed in this Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Maintenance Interval Schedule" (Maintenance Section).

  • If freezing temperatures are expected, check the cooling system for adequate protection against freezing. See this Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Refill Capacities and Recommendations" (Maintenance Section).

If an engine is out of operation and if use of the engine is not planned, special precautions should be made. If the engine will be stored for more than 1 month, a complete protection procedure is recommended.

For more detailed information on engine storage, see Special Instruction, SEHS9031, "Storage Procedure For AVSpare Products".

Your Cat dealer can help in preparing the engine for extended storage periods.

Aftertreatment System Storage

SCR Systems

Ensure that the SCR system is purged of all Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). The DEF system should be flushed with clean water to eliminate any remaining DEF. DEF will crystallize as the water portion of the DEF evaporates over time. DEF crystals can potentially damage SCR system components. Spilled DEF should be cleaned up immediately and the area flushed with water.

Catalysts removed from the reactor housing for storage must be stored in an indoor environment out of direct sunlight and moisture. The catalyst face should be covered to prevent impact damage. The temperature range for storage is −30° C (−22° F) to 80° C (176° F). Exposure to high humidity levels may affect catalyst coatings which will affect performance. Catalyst may be stored in VCI paper or plastic. Do not apply VCI oil to the catalyst. Prior to reinstallation of the catalysts, ensure that the catalysts have been properly stored.

Removal of SCR Catalysts

For more information on removing and installing SCR Catalysts, refer to the applicable Disassembly and Assembly manual , Catalyst (SCR) - Remove and Install.

  1. Remove all fasteners from the inspection hatch.

  2. Remove SCR catalysts from the reactor.

  3. Remove catalyst from the housing by utilizing the removal tool. Refer to the applicable Disassembly and Assembly manual.

  4. Remove cassettes.

  5. If operating in "Long Term Decommission" mode, install Back-pressure Restriction Plates. Refer to table 1 for Restrictor Kit part numbers.

  6. Remove all insulation and foreign material before exiting the reactor.

  7. Reinstall the inspection hatch.

  8. Store the SCR catalysts in a clean and dry location.

  9. Remove the DEF injection lance and seal from the opening. Utilize the injector kit listed in table 1. Flush the lance with distilled water. Cap the fluid connections and store the lance and nozzle assembly in a VCI bag.

  10. Remove the NOx sensors. NOx sensors must be stored in a clean and dry place free of oils and contaminants. Do not use VCI on NOx sensors. Plug ports using the plugs provided in the Injector Kit listed in table 1.

Note: Never operate IMO Switchable engine packages without either catalysts bricks or the Back-pressure Restriction Plates installed. Operating an IMO Switchable engine package without any catalyst bricks or Back-pressure Restriction Plates could result in engine damage due to turbocharger overspeed.

Table 1
Required Parts 
Engine Size  Part Number  Part Description  Quantity 
3512  591-6358  Restrictor Kit 
3516  591-6358  Restrictor Kit 
3512E and 3516E  564-6015  Injector Kit 

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