C280-08 Marine Engine Burn Prevention Caterpillar

Burn Prevention
1.1. Coolant
2.1. Oils
3.1. Batteries
4.1. Aftertreatment System

Do not touch any part of an operating engine. Allow the engine to cool before any maintenance is performed on the engine. Relieve all pressure in the lubrication system, in the fuel system, or in the cooling system before any lines, fittings, or related items are disconnected.


When the engine is at operating temperature, the engine coolant is hot. The coolant is also under pressure. The radiator and all lines to the heaters or to the engine contain hot coolant. When pressure is relieved rapidly, the hot coolant can turn into steam.

Any contact with hot coolant or with steam can cause severe burns. Allow cooling system components to cool before the cooling system is drained.

Check the coolant level only after the engine has been stopped.

Do not step on the engine in order to remove the filler cap. Use a ladder, if necessary. Ensure that the filler cap is cool before removing the filler cap. Remove the filler cap slowly in order to relieve pressure.

Cooling system conditioner contains alkali. Alkali can cause personal injury. Do not allow alkali to contact the skin, the eyes, or the mouth.


Hot oil and hot components can cause personal injury. Do not allow hot oil or hot components to contact the skin.

Keep all exhaust manifold and turbocharger shields in place. This procedure will protect components from oil spray if there is a failure of a line, a tube, or a seal.


Electrolyte is an acid. Electrolyte can cause personal injury. Do not allow electrolyte to contact the skin or the eyes. Always wear protective glasses for servicing batteries. Wash hands after touching the batteries and connectors. Use of gloves is recommended.

Batteries give off combustible gases which can explode. Ensure proper ventilation for batteries that are in an enclosure. Never disconnect any charging unit circuit or battery circuit cable from the battery when the charging unit is operating. A spark can cause the combustible gases to ignite. Do not smoke when batteries are serviced.

Always thaw a frozen battery before jump starting the battery. Frozen batteries can explode.

Aftertreatment System

Do not touch any part of an operating aftertreatment (SCR) system. Allow the system to cool before any maintenance is performed.

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