C4.4 Industrial Engine Engine Oil and Filter - Change Caterpillar

Engine Oil and Filter - Change
C4.4 Industrial Engine [SEBU9065]
C4.4 Industrial Engine Engine Oil and Filter - Change
1.1. Drain the Engine Lubricating Oil
2.1. Replace the Oil filter
3.2. Horizontally Installed Oil Filter
4.1. Fill the Oil Pan

------ WARNING! ------

Hot oil and hot components can cause personal injury. Do not allow hot oil or hot components to contact the skin.


Care must be taken to ensure that fluids are contained during performance of inspection, maintenance, testing, adjusting and repair of the product. Be prepared to collect the fluid with suitable containers before opening any compartment or disassembling any component containing fluids.

Dispose of all fluids according to local regulations and mandates.


Keep all parts clean from contaminants.

Contaminants may cause rapid wear and shortened component life.

Do not drain the engine lubricating oil when the engine is cold. As the engine lubricating oil cools, suspended waste particles settle on the bottom of the oil pan. The waste particles are not removed with draining cold oil. Drain the oil pan with the engine stopped. Drain the oil pan with the oil warm. This draining method allows the waste particles that are suspended in the oil to be drained properly.

Failure to follow this recommended procedure will cause the waste particles to be recirculated through the engine lubrication system with the new oil.

Drain the Engine Lubricating Oil

Note: Ensure that the vessel that will be used is large enough to collect the waste oil.

After the engine has been run at the normal operating temperature, stop the engine. Use one of the following methods to drain the engine oil pan:

    Illustration 1g03499937
    Typical example

  1. Remove the drain plug (1) in order to allow the oil to drain.

    1. If the engine as an oil drain valve (3) installed, install a suitable flexible hose onto the valve (4). Turn the handle (2) counter clockwise and allow the oil to drain.

    2. When the oil has drained, turn the handle clockwise and tighten securely. Remove the flexible hose.

    Illustration 2g03350650
    Typical example

  2. Remove O ring seal (5) and install new O ring seal.

  3. Install drain plug and tighten drain plug to a torque of 34 N·m (25 lb ft).

Replace the Oil filter


AVSpare oil filters are manufactured to AVSpare specifications. Use of an oil filter that is not recommended by AVSpare could result in severe damage to the engine bearings, crankshaft, as a result of the larger waste particles from unfiltered oil entering the engine lubricating system. Only use oil filters recommended by AVSpare.

  1. Remove the oil filter (3) with a 1U-8760 Chain Wrench.

    Illustration 3g01999595
    Element with debris

  2. Cut the oil filter open with a 175-7546 Oil Filter Cutter . Break apart the pleats and inspect the oil filter for metal debris. An excessive amount of metal debris in the oil filter may indicate early wear or a pending failure.

    Use a magnet to differentiate between the ferrous metals and the nonferrous metals that are found in the oil filter element. Ferrous metals may indicate wear on the steel and cast iron parts of the engine.

    Nonferrous metals may indicate wear on the aluminum parts, brass parts, or bronze parts of the engine. Parts that may be affected include the following items: main bearings, rod bearings, turbocharger bearings and cylinder heads.

    Due to normal wear and friction, it is not uncommon to find small amounts of debris in the oil filter. Consult your Cat dealer in order to arrange for a further analysis if an excessive amount of debris is found in the oil filter.

    Illustration 4g03499938
    Typical example

  3. Clean the sealing surface of the oil filter base (1).

  4. Apply clean engine oil to the O ring seal (2) on the new oil filter.

  5. Install the engine oil filter. Spin on the new oil filter until the O ring seal contacts the oil filter base. Rotate the oil filter ¾ of a full turn.

Horizontally Installed Oil Filter

Illustration 5g03499939
(1) Horizontal oil filter

Before removing the horizontal oil filter, place a suitable container below oil filter. Loosen oil filter and allow oil to drain from oil filter before removing oil filter. For installation of the oil filter follow step 3 to step 5. Remove container.

Fill the Oil Pan

  1. Remove the oil filler cap. Refer to this Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Fluid Recommendations" for more information on suitable oils. Fill the oil pan with the correct amount of new engine lubricating oil. Refer to this Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Refill Capacities" for more information on refill capacities.


    If equipped with an auxiliary oil filter system or a remote filter system, follow the OEM or the filter manufactures recommendations. Under filling or over filling the crankcase with oil can cause engine damage.

  2. Start the engine and run the engine at "LOW IDLE" for 2 minutes. Perform this procedure in order to ensure that the lubrication system has oil and that the oil filters are filled. Inspect the oil filter for oil leaks.

  3. Stop the engine and allow the oil to drain back to the oil pan for a minimum of 10 minutes.

    Illustration 6g02173847
    "L" Low
    "H" High

  4. Remove the engine oil level gauge in order to check the oil level. Maintain the oil level between the "L" and "H" marks on the engine oil level gauge. Do not fill the crankcase above the "H" mark.

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