XQP60 and XQP100 Rental Generator Sets Model View Illustrations Caterpillar

Model View Illustrations
1.1. Turbocharged Aftercooled Engine
2.1. Turbocharge Engine View
3.1. Off Engine Parts and Options

The following model views show typical features of the engine Due to individual applications, your engine may appear different from the illustrations.

Turbocharged Aftercooled Engine

Illustration 1g03453518
Typical example
(1) Open Breather System
(2) Air Intake
(3) Electronic Control Module
(4) Oil Level Gauge (Dipstick)
(5) Location for Oil Sample Valve
(6) Oil Filter
(7) Oil Filler
(8) Secondary Fuel Filters

Illustration 2g03453526
Typical example
(9) Front Lifting Eye
(10) Water Pump
(11) Coolant Intake
(12) Tensioner
(13) Belt
(14) Coolant Outlet

Illustration 3g03453529
Typical example
(15) Rear Lifting Eye
(16) Alternator
(17) Turbocharger
(18) Starter Solenoid
(19) Starting Motor
(20) Oil Drain Plug
(21) Flywheel
(22) Flywheel Housing
(23) Coolant Drain Plug

Turbocharge Engine View

Illustration 4g03506649
Typical example

Off Engine Parts and Options

Illustration 5g03467856
Typical examples
(24) Electric Priming Pump
(25) Primary Fuel Filter
(26) Mechanical Priming Pump
(27) Primary Fuel Filter
(28) Spin on Crankcase Breather

Note: Item (28) is part of the filtered breather system.