C280-08 Marine Engine Emergency Stopping Caterpillar

Emergency Stopping
1.1. Emergency Stop Button
2.1. Dosing Cabinet Circuit Breakers


Emergency shutoff controls are for EMERGENCY use ONLY. DO NOT use emergency shutoff devices or controls for normal stopping procedure.

Ensure that any system that provides external support to the engine is secured after the engine is stopped.


Do not start the engine until the problem necessitating the emergency stop has been located and corrected.

Emergency Stop Button

Illustration 1g00104303
Typical emergency stop button

The emergency stop button is in the OUT position for normal engine operation. For an emergency stop, press the emergency stop button. The button will lock in place. The engine will not start when the button is locked. To reset the button, turn the button clockwise. The spring-loaded button will return to the OUT position.

Use of the emergency stop button will shut off the fuel.

Note: Some marine engines are equipped with an emergency stop button that must be pulled in order to stop the engine.

Dosing Cabinet Circuit Breakers

Illustration 2g03541131

If the dosing cabinet circuit breakers are tripped, refer to the Troubleshooting Manual.