C280-08 Marine Engine Catalyst (SCR) - Replace Caterpillar

Catalyst (SCR) - Replace
C280-08 Marine Engine [SEBU9118]
C280-08 Marine Engine Catalyst (SCR) - Replace

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Reactor Housing Cutaway View

Note: When conducting service on the Clean Emissions Module (CEM) follow all applicable industry standards. Also, follow all applicable governmental, environmental, and safety guidelines, practices, regulations, and mandates for confined spaces.

Refer to the Disassembly and Assembly Manual for information on catalyst replacement.

In order to maximize catalyst life, AVSpare recommends that the catalysts are replaced based on either engine load factors and service hours or DEF consumption. Refer to table 1 for catalyst replacement based on load factor and service hours. Refer to table 2 for catalyst replacement based on DEF consumption.

Table 1
SCR Replacement Intervals Based on Average Load Factor and Hours 
Average Application Load Factor (%)  10  25  50  75  100 
SCR Replacement Interval (hrs)  30,000  28,000  24,000  22,000  20,000 

Table 2
Approximate DEF Consumption Before SCR Replacement 
Engine Model  DEF Consumption 
C280-8  800,000 L (211,360 US gal) 
C280-12  1,250,000 L (330,250 US gal)