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Special Instruction Machinery information Caterpillar:

Procedure to Install Primary Auxiliary Thumb Drift Kit on Certain Mini Hydraulic Excavators {5057} Procedure to Properly Adjust Cab Doors on Certain 120 Motor Graders {7308} Cat Turbocharger Core Return Form {1052} Procedure to Update Cat Product Link Generation (PLG) Firmware on Certain Cat Products {7606, 7620} Procedure To Rework the Hose Routing For the Blade Load Control Valve on Certain 325 Excavators {5102} Fuel Correction Factor Calculation Procedure for Certain C32 Generator Set Engines with <NOBR>598-7998</NOBR> Engine Software {1250, 1280, 1900, 1901, 1920} Procedure to Install the Implement Control Levers on Certain Motor Graders {5051, 5063, 726A, 795C} Procedure to Rework the Brake Covers in the Service Brake Group on Certain 120 Motor Graders {4251, 4267} Repair Procedure for the Blade Bracket on Certain 311F to 315F and 313 to 315 Excavators {6060} Installation Procedure for Dual Slider Joysticks on Next Generation Hydraulic Excavators {5705} Sealing the Rack Bearings on Certain 3412 Generator Set Engines {1251, 7555} Procedure to Install the Ground Level Fill Package on Certain 120 Motor Graders {1710} Procedure to Install Reinforcement Plates on Reach Boom for Certain 320 and 323 Excavators {6501} Procedure to Install New Swaged High-Pressure Fuel Lines on Fuel System Accumulator {1252, 1290} Programming the Electronic Modular Control Panel (EMCP) and the Battery Charger for Certain Models of the Caterpillar Compact Retail Gaseous Fueled Generator Sets {4490, 7002, 7610} High-Pressure Common Rail 2 (HPCR2) High-Pressure Fuel Pump Installation Instructions on Certain C175-20 Electric Power Tier 2 Engines {1251} Product Link Functionality on Certain Next Gen Mini Hydraulic Excavators {7606} Repair Procedures for Cracks in Boom on Certain 320D3 and 323D3 Excavators {6501} Installation Procedure for a <NOBR>301-3222</NOBR> Duct Kit for Cabin Filtration On Certain Excavators {734D} Installation Procedure for the <NOBR>164-0534</NOBR> Front Window Guard or <NOBR>164-0535</NOBR> Front Window Guard on 320 GX and 323 GX Excavators {7182, 7315} Installation Procedure for the <NOBR>585-5359</NOBR> Auxiliary Control Ar on Certain 320 GX and 323 GX Excavators {5051} Maintenance and Inspection of the Rubber Element for the Flexible Coupling Group on Certain C175-20 Engines {3252} Procedure to Improve Grease Pressure Switch Location on Certain 794 AC, 796 AC, and 798 AC Off-Highway Trucks {7510, 7516, 7540, 79PK, 79PL} Installation and Wiring Procedure for Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) on Certain XQC1200 and XQC1600 Power Modules {4460, 4490, 7002} Procedure to Relocate the Blade Control Group on Certain Excavators {5063}

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