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Alternative CAT Extended Life Brake Discs [PELJ0320]
Alternative CAT Extended Life Brake Discs
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April 2004    

An improved line of brake discs has been certified and is available as a parts service option in AVSpare Off-Highway Trucks with oil-cooled wet brakes. The new discs use an innovative carbon paper friction material that outperforms the standard paper cellulose brake discs giving an opportunity for extended component life.  Longer brake disc life, the result of improved friction material wear and glazing resistance, isn?t the only benefit; it may also reduce brake noise, which can be a problem in certain braking applications. The new discs sell at a slightly higher price, but improved wear performance can mean lower costs over the life of the brake.

Usage Recommendation
The new carbon paper friction material can last >2X the life of paper cellulose discs. These results hold up in both moderate and severe operating conditions, including downhill braking with full loads. In applications where friction material is wearing out prior to the wheel station components, the new carbon paper discs can offer a better component life balance with wheel station components. Longer service life means equipment is available and productive more of the time.  No matter what the application and wheel station overhaul cycle, most customers should realize significant savings in lower parts consumption and labor hours as illustrated in the chart below.


Increased Customer Value

With the release of each new Cat Extended Life Brake Disc part number, we?ve lowered prices for the equivalent standard disc by 20%.  The new Cat Extended Life Brake Disc is priced at about a 38% premium above the new price for the standard (or 10% above current prices). 

This strategy will accomplish two objectives.  First, it improves the competitiveness of standard discs in the marketplace.  Second, it offers significant increased value for customers buying the new Cat Extended Life Friction Disc. The new disc provides 200% to 400% longer life for only a marginal 30% premium over standard discs.  Savings in reduced interim brake rebuilds (parts & labor), potential reduction in premature disposal of useable wheel station components, and reduced machine down time makes Cat Extended Life Friction Discs the best choice for value conscious customers.

With a competitively priced, two tier product offering that lowers Cat machine owning and operation costs, dealers will be positioned regain lost brake parts business and penetrate new markets for friction materials.

Usage Table: 

Size ? OHT Model (F=Front, R=Rear)

Cat Extended Life Brake Disc

Standard Brake Disc

19?   ? 771(R), 769(R)



21?   ? 777(F)



28?   ? 773(R), 775(R), 777(R), 785(F), 789(F)



34?   ? 785(R), 793(F)



34?   ? 789(R), 793(R)



42?   ? 797(F & R)  (Available Soon)





Q: Are these friction discs available today?

A: Parts available are listed in the ?Usage Table? above and are available today.


Q: Are there minimum or multipack requirements when ordering?

A: No. Dealers may order in any quantity.


Q: Is the new Cat Extended Life Brake Disc a direct replacement for the standard disc or do the brakes need to be modified?

A:  The new discs are a direct replacement and do not require any modifications.

Q: Has the new material passed current brake test performance standards and local mining codes such as the Alberta and British Columbia codes?
A: Yes.  All wet friction brake discs listed in the usage table meet or exceed the ISO 3450 braking test performance standard and as a result are capable of meeting the current Alberta and British Columbia mining codes.

Q: Is the new friction disc branded?

A: The new discs are stamped with a AVSpare? part number with no other references.


Q: Can this material be obtained for AVSpare machines from aftermarket suppliers?
A:  AVSpare Extended Life Brake Discs can only be obtained through AVSpare dealers.

Q: What is the warranty coverage?
A:  The discs are covered by the standard 6-month AVSpare parts warranty.

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