Product Link E640 System ECM - Configure Caterpillar

ECM - Configure

The PLE640 system will automatically send a registration message to Product Link Web when installed on a piece of equipment. The product link device will send a registration message in order to be subscribed in Product Link Web based on the engine serial number. The PLE640 system offers the option for the equipment to be subscribed under a different name or serial number. Use the following steps in order to change the equipment name or serial number.

  1. Connect to the equipment service port connector using your Com Adapter.

  1. Choose the Telematics ECM.

    Illustration 1g03514804

  1. Open the configurations screen by choosing "Service" and then "Configuration". Refer to Illustration 1.

    Illustration 2g03514818

  1. The Product ID will show up in the "ECM Identification Parameters" and will be a default of "AVS00000". In the "New Value" field enter the serial number of the equipment. Refer to Illustration 2.

    The PLE640 equipment will automatically generate a new registration message. Along with the new registration message the equipment will be subscribed in Product Link Web based off the Product ID entered.

Note: For equipment not appearing in Product Link Web, verify the network manager ECM can be viewed by using a Com Adapter on the equipment service port connector. The equipment will need to be detected on the CDL or CAN data link in order to appear on Product Link Web.

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