14L Motor Grader Clean Emissions Module - Remove and Install Caterpillar

Clean Emissions Module - Remove and Install
1.1. Removal Procedure
2.1. Installation Procedure

Removal Procedure

Start By:

  1. Remove engine enclosure.

  1. Drain coolant from coolant system into suitable container for storage or disposal. Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Cooling System Coolant (DEAC)- Change".

    Illustration 1g03498858

  2. Disconnect tube assembly (1) and clip (2).

    Illustration 2g03498862

  3. Disconnect hose assemblies (3) and (4).

    Illustration 3g03498864

  4. Disconnect harness assembly (5) and remove cable strap (6).

    Illustration 4g03498865

  5. Disconnect harness assembly (7) and remove bolt (8).

    Illustration 5g03499116

  6. Disconnect harness assembly (11). Remove bolts (9) and (10). Reposition sensor assembly (12).

    Illustration 6g03499222

  7. Disconnect harness assembly (13) and hose (14).

    Illustration 7g03499277

  8. Disconnect tube (15).

    Illustration 8g03499278

  9. Loosen clamp (16) and disconnect bellows (17).

    Illustration 9g03499337

  10. Remove cover (18).

    Illustration 10g03499402

  11. Disconnect hose assembly (19).

    Illustration 11g03499456

  12. Attach suitable lifting device to clean emissions module (20). The weight of clean emissions module (20) is approximately 230 kg (507 lb).

    Illustration 12g03499486

  13. Remove bolts (21).

    Illustration 13g03499489

  14. Remove bolts (22) and clean emissions module (20).

Installation Procedure

  1. Install clean emissions module (20) in the reverse order of removal.

    1. Tighten clamp (16) to a torque of 35 ± 2 N·m (26 ± 2 lb ft).

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