14L Motor Grader Nozzle Heater Harness - Remove and Install Caterpillar

Nozzle Heater Harness - Remove and Install
1.1. Removal Procedure
2.1. Installation Procedure

Removal Procedure

Table 1
Required Tools 
Tool  Part Number  Part Description  Qty 
195-4609  Seal Pick 
Isopropyl Alcohol 

    Illustration 1g03500940

    Note: The actual heated nozzle is part of the combustion head and is not serviceable, therefore the heated nozzle is not shown.

  1. Disconnect tube assembly (3). Remove clip (1). Disconnect heater nozzle (2).

    Illustration 2g03504034

  2. Remove panel (4).

    Illustration 3g03500957

  3. Cut cable straps (5) and (6).

    Illustration 4g03501000

  4. Disconnect harness assembly (7). Remove heater nozzle harness (2).

    Illustration 5g03515040

  5. Use Tooling (A) in order to remove O-ring seals (8) and (9). Discard the O-ring seals.

Installation Procedure

  1. Install heater nozzle harness (2) in the reverse order of removal.

      ------ WARNING! ------

      Use caution when you are using isopropyl alcohol. Avoid prolonged skin contact with isopropyl alcohol.

      Vapors may be harmful if inhaled. Use only in a well ventilated area. Do not smoke while using isopropyl alcohol.

      Isopropyl alcohol is flammable. Do not use near an open flame or near welding operations. Keep isopropyl alcohol away from heated surfaces exceeding 482°C (900°F).

      Note: This connection is an electrical connection and cannot be lubricated with a petroleum-based lubricant. Isopropyl alcohol is the only approved lubrication for this connection.

    1. Lubricate new O-ring seals (8) and (9) with Tooling (B) prior to installation.

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