14L Motor Grader Catalyst (SCR) - Remove and Install Caterpillar

Catalyst (SCR) - Remove and Install
1.1. Removal Procedure
2.1. Installation Procedure

Removal Procedure

Start By:

  1. Remove engine enclosure.

    Illustration 1g03501288

  1. Disconnect temperature sensor (1).

    Illustration 2g03501299

  2. Disconnect ball clamp assembly (2).

    Illustration 3g03501316

  3. Remove bolt (6). Disconnect clamp (4) and remove clamp (5). Reposition tube assembly (3).

    Illustration 4g03501358

  4. Disconnect clamp assemblies (7). Use two people in order to remove catalyst (8). The weight of catalyst (8) is approximately 41 kg (90 lb).

Installation Procedure

Note: When installing a new catalyst or a cleaned catalyst, a SCR reset must be performed. Refer to Special Instruction, REHS8180, "Aftertreatment Filter Maintenance on Tier 4 Final Products Equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), and a Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) Filter" for the correct procedure.

  1. Install catalyst (8) in the reverse order of removal.

      Illustration 5g03364503
      Cutaway view of a typical ball clamp assembly.

      Illustration 6g03364505
      Cutaway view of the ball clamp assembly.

    1. Prior to installation, position new ball clamp (2).

    2. Verify that the cup of the Ball Joint (C) does not touch the radius of the ball (B). Position ball clamp (2) and hand tighten ball clamp (2). Measure Dimension (Y) and Dimension (Z). Dimension (Y) and Dimension (Z) should be equal to each other. Repeat the measurements every 90° around ball clamp (2). If necessary, adjust ball clamp (2).

    3. Tighten ball clamp assembly (2) to a torque of 35 ± 2 N·m (26 ± 1 lb ft).

      Note: Do not use power tools in order to torque ball clamp assembly (2).

    4. Tighten clamps (7) to a torque of 15 ± 3 N·m (133± 27 lb in).

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