14L Motor Grader Nitrogen Oxide Sensor - Remove and Install - Inlet Caterpillar

Nitrogen Oxide Sensor - Remove and Install - Inlet
1.1. Removal Procedure
2.1. Installation Procedure

Removal Procedure

Table 1
Required Tools 
Tool  Part Number  Part Description  Qty 
Loctite Nickel Anti-seize 

------ WARNING! ------

Hot engine components can cause injury from burns. Before performing maintenance on the engine, allow the engine and the components to cool.

    Illustration 1g03502335

  1. Disconnect sensor (1). Cut cable strap (2).

    Illustration 2g03502336

  2. Cut cable straps (3).

    Illustration 3g03504009

  3. Remove panel (4).

    Illustration 4g03502337

  4. Cut cable strap (7). Disconnect harness assemblies (6). Remove nitrogen oxide sensor (5).

Installation Procedure

Note: New nitrogen oxide sensors are pre-lubricated. Do not use Tooling (A) on new nitrogen oxide sensors. When installing an existing nitrogen oxide sensor install Tooling (A) on the threads only.

Note: or more information about nitrogen oxide sensors, refer to Special Instruction, REHS8151, "NOx Sensors Handling and Installation Procedures".

  1. Install nitrogen oxide sensor (5) in the reverse order of removal.

    1. Tighten nitrogen oxide sensors (5) to a torque of 50 ± 10 N·m (37 ± 7 lb ft).