2013/11/12 Cylinder Head Gasket Torque Procedures for Certain3500 Machine Engines {1100, 1124} Caterpillar

Cylinder Head Gasket Torque Procedures for Certain3500 Machine Engines {1100, 1124}
2013/11/12 [SEPD1694]
2013/11/12 Cylinder Head Gasket Torque Procedures for Certain3500 Machine Engines {1100, 1124}
5130 (S/N: 7TJ1-UP; 5ZL1-UP)
5130B (S/N: 4CS1-UP)
5230 (S/N: 7LL1-UP)
5230B (S/N: 4HZ1-UP)
Off-Highway Truck:
776B (S/N: 6JC1-UP)
776C (S/N: 2TK1-UP)
776D (S/N: 5ER1-UP; AFS1-UP)
777B (S/N: 4YC1-UP; 3NF1-UP)
777C (S/N: 4XJ1-UP)
777D (S/N: DCB1-UP; AGC1-UP; FKR1-UP; 3PR1-UP; 2YW1-UP; AGY1-UP; 6XZ1-UP)
784B (S/N: 5RK1-UP)
784C (S/N: 2PZ1-UP)
785 (S/N: 8GB1-UP)
785B (S/N: 6HK1-UP)
785C (S/N: 1HW1-UP; APX1-UP; 5AZ1-UP)
785D (S/N: DMC1-UP; MSY1-UP)
789 (S/N: 9ZC1-UP)
789B (S/N: 7EK1-UP)
789C (S/N: 2BW1-UP)
789D (S/N: SPD1-UP; SHH1-UP)
793 (S/N: 3SJ1-UP)
793B (S/N: 1HL1-UP)
793C (S/N: CBR1-UP; 4AR1-UP; ATY1-UP; 4GZ1-UP)
793D (S/N: FDB1-UP)
797 (S/N: 5YW1-UP)
797B (S/N: JSM1-UP)
Track-Type Tractor:
D11N (S/N: 4HK1-UP; 74Z1-UP)
D11R (S/N: AAF1-UP; 8ZR1-UP; 9TR1-UP; 9XR1-UP; 7PZ1-UP)
D11T (S/N: DDD1-UP; RAL1-UP)
Wheel Dozer:
854G (S/N: AMP1-UP; A4W1-UP; 1JW1-UP)
Wheel Loader:
992G (S/N: 7HR1-UP; AZX1-UP; ADZ1-UP)
994 (S/N: 9YF1-UP)
994D (S/N: 3TZ1-UP)
994F (S/N: 4421-UP)
994G (S/N: 8FR1-UP)
994H (S/N: DWC1-UP)

Illustration 1g03490136

Typical cellulose gasket

Illustration 2g03490137

Typical MLS gasket

Regardless of gasket material, during the tightening process the head joint is constantly creeping as the fire ring compresses and the layers within the bolted joint flow. The correct tightening sequence is critical to follow when tightening head bolts.

When installing cylinder head bolts for any 3500 engine, the number of steps and amount of torque applied at each step varies. Regardless of gasket material, the details outlined within each step must be followed. Any attempt to shorten the process by skipping steps or increasing torque values will place an excessive clamp load on the liner flange, as well as the first bolt tightened.

The torque wrench being used should be checked for calibration before and after the installation process using a torque wrench calibration tool. The torque wrench calibration tool will ensure that the applied torque values conform to AVSpare specifications.

Note: Before initiating any repair or servicing any component, always reference SIS for the latest applicable repair and maintenance procedures, as well as parts and tooling requirements.

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