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New Block for the Solenoid and Pressure Reducing Valve Group Is Now Used on Certain Excavators and Mobile Hydraulic Power Units {5467, 5479} A New Final Drive Coupling is Available for Certain Excavators and Mobile Hydraulic Power Units {4050} New Machine Software Groups Are Now Available for Certain Excavators {7610, 7620} New Software is Now Available for all Cat Object Detection and Vision Applications On Certain Cat Products {7620} Storage Location for the Bucket Pins Is Now Available for Certain 308 and 309 Mini Hydraulic Excavators {6513} New Control Harness Assembly for the Stick IMU Sensor is Now Available for Certain Excavators {1408} New Suction Fan Assembly Is Now Available for Certain 320, 320 GC, 323, 330 and 330 GC Excavators {1356} A New Transmission Arrangement for 797F Off-Highway Trucks is Now Available {1408, 3030, 3160, 3168} Channel 1 Videos for Certain Large Off-Highway Trucks are Now Available {0374, 7000} New Pin Assembly in the Boom Is Now Used on Certain Mini Hydraulic Excavators {6501} A New Hydraulic Lock Handle Assembly is Now Used for Certain 320 to 345 GC Excavators {5258} Troubleshooting Procedure is Now Available for Water In Liquid Level Sensor on Certain Excavators {7422} Commissioning Procedure for 794 AC, 796 AC, and 798 AC Off-Highway Trucks is Updated {1000, 7000, 7961} New Enclosure Parts Are Now Available for 336, 336GC, and 345GC NGH Excavators {7251, 7276} The Hoist Cylinder Head is Improved on Certain 797 Off-Highway Trucks {5102} New Plate Assembly to Support Air Cleaner Outlet Hose is Available for Certain 374F and 390F Excavators {1071} The Accumulator Group is Improved on Certain 794 AC and 796 AC Off-Highway Trucks {4331, 5077} New Hose Assembly and Tube Assembly for the Boom Lines Group are Now Used on Certain 320D, 320D2, 320D3, and 323D3 Excavators {5057} Repair Kits for Quick Connect Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Line Fittings Are Now Available for Certain Cat Machine Engines {108K, 108Z} New Gasket on Certain C7.1 Machine Engines {1107, 7555} Improved Lube Filter Is Now Used on Certain Cat Products {1308} Rear Axle Housing Bearing - Inspect and Kingpin (Front) - Inspect Improves Performance on 794 Off-Highway Trucks {3260, 4314} New Engine Software for Certain C4.4 Machine Engines {7610, 7620} A New Oil Pan Site Glass Film is Now Used on Certain Off-Highway Truck Engines {7479} New Fuel Line Support Covers Are Now Used for Certain C175 Off-Highway Truck Engines {1150, 795C}

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