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Improved Duo-Cone Seal Group in the Track Roller Group Is Now Used on Certain Excavators, Mobile Hydraulic Power Units and OEM Excavator Based Specialty Solutions {4154, 4180} New Laminated Cab Window Groups are Now Available for All Next Generation Hydraulic Excavators {7310} New Machine Software Is Now Used on Certain 320 to 340 Excavators {7610, 7620} Service Replacement for Travel Counterbalance Valves on Certain Excavators {5811} Factory Front Wheel Spindles are Pre-Drilled for Speed Sensors for Certain 793F and 797F Off-Highway Trucks {4006, 4201, 4205} An Improved Shaft Assembly for the Transmission Planetary Group in 797 Off-Highway Trucks is Available {3160} Hose Assembly in Service Brake Control Group is Improved on Certain 797F Off-Highway Trucks {4251, 4257, 4269} New Solenoid Assembly is Now Used on Certain C7, C9, and C9.3 Machine Engine Fuel Injectors {1250, 7553} A New Oil Pan Gasket is Now Used for Certain C15 and C18 Machine Engines {1302, 7555} Improved Cat Grade EC520 Controller Hardware is Now Available for Certain Next Generation Excavators {5736} A New Boom Lowering Control Valve Support Assembly is Now Used On Certain 390F Excavators {5057, 5456} A New Travel Motor Group Is Now Used on Certain 336, 336E, 336F, 336GC, 336D2, 340D2, and 345GC Excavators {5058} A New Position Sensing Bucket Cylinder Is Now Available for Certain 320E, 323E, 323F, 325F, and 336D/E/F Excavators {5457} New Hose Routing Is Now Available for Certain 320, 320 GC and 323 Excavators with Tool 20 or Tool 25 {5057} Improved Electronic Control Module (ECM) Ground Connection Is Now Available for Certain Off-Highway Trucks {0635, 1153, 1408, 1901, 1920} An Updated Air Conditioner Group is Now Used on Certain Off-Highway Trucks {7320} New Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Pump Software and A New DEF Injector Is Available for Certain C4.4 Machine Engines {7620} Improved Dust Seal for the Swing Gear and Bearing is Now Available on Certain Excavators {7063} Motor Grader CB Radio Antenna Cable Routing Outside of Cab {7602} Operator HVAC System is Improved on Certain Large Off-Highway Trucks {7301, 730A, 7329} The Axle Mounting Group is Improved on Certain 797, 797B, and 797F Off-Highway Trucks {4050} New Pilot Lines Group Is Now Available For Certain 390F Excavators {5057, 5059} An Improved Horn for Certain Large Off-Highway Trucks is Available {1408, 7402} Axial Clearances of Front Pins Are Now Improved on Certain 320, 320 GCand 323 Excavators {5057, 6501, 6502} Improved Oil Filter Base Assembly is Now Used on Certain C7 Machine Engines {1306, 1308}

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