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Updated Flywheel Housing is Now Used on Certain C7 Powered Engines {1156} A New Relay Assembly is Now Used in the Cab Wiring Group on Certain 770G, 772G, 773G, 775G, and 777G Off-Highway Trucks {1408, 1422, 7301} Rear Suspension Link Assemblies are Improved on Certain 797 Off-Highway Trucks {7200, 7201, 7213} Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Pump Filter Maintenance Interval On Certain C4.4 Machine Engines {1000, 108J, 7000} The Hydraulic Oil Lines Group is Improved on Certain 797 Off-Highway Trucks {3101} Track Shoe Ice Lug Requirements {4170} The Steering Lines Group is Improved on Certain 797 Off-Highway Trucks {4304} A New Flywheel Gear Ring is Now Used for the Flywheel Assembly on Certain Hydraulic Excavator Engines {1156} A New Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor is Available for the C175 Engine in T4 Mining Trucks {1251, 1408, 1439, 1718} New Software Is Now Used on Certain 320, 320GC, and 323 Excavators {7610, 7620} New Machine and Monitor Software Is Now used On Certain 320 GC, 320, and 323 Excavators {7490, 7601, 7610, 7620} Improved Switch Assembly for Quick Coupler Is Now Used on Certain 320, 320 GC, and 323 Excavators {1435} Improved Operating Information for the Engine Hood for Certain 320 GC, 320 and 323 Excavators {7251, 7276} A Procedure for Heating Steering Components to Facilitate Field Disassembly of Pin-Cylinders and Ball Studs on Large Mining Trucks is Available {0679, 0732, 4006, 4016, 4251, 4300, 4305, 7200} New Brake Software is Now Available For Certain 794 AC and 795F AC Large Off-Highway Trucks {7490, 7610, 7620} A New Engine Wiring Harness is Now Used for Certain C15 and C18 Tier 4 Final Machine Engines {1403} A Shipping Plate on the Center Shift Pin Puller is Now Shipping on Certain Motor Graders {5221} The Hydraulic Tank is Improved on Certain 797F Off-Highway Trucks {5056} A Choke Check Valve Can Be Added to Improve Mastless Snow Wing Downward Blade Movement on Certain Motor Graders {6158} Replacement Procedure for a New Horn is Now Available for Certain Large Excavators {7402} The Engine Access Door Assembly Is Improved on Certain 794 AC Off-Highway Trucks {7253} Real Time Clock is no Longer Supported {1901} New Lifter Assembly Mechanism is Now Used on Certain Off-Highway Truck Engines {1000, 1209} New Preservation Process for Crankshafts is Now Used for 3500, G3500, and C175 Series Engines {1202} Improved Magnetic Plug Is Now Used on Certain Off-Highway Trucks {3108}

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