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New Pressure Relief Breather for Hydraulic Tank Is Now Used on Certain Cat Products {1354} Improved Crankshafts are Now Used on Certain Cat<SUP>&reg; Products {1202} Improved In-line Fuel Filter for Certain C4.4, C6.6, and C7.1 Machine Engines {1261, 1274} Sealant is Now Used for Alternator and AC Compressor Drive Pulley on Certain Cat Products {1207, 1405, 1802} Ethernet Patch Cables are Available for Next Generation Hydraulic Excavators {1408, 7301} The Torque Converter Fill Cap and Cover Group are Improved on Certain 797, 797B, and 797F Off-Highway Trucks {0663, 3101} The Oil Filter Assembly is Improved for Certain Machines {3004, 3067, 3154} An Improved Factory Assembly Process Has Been Implemented on Certain Telehandlers {3030, 3061, 3064, 3066, 3101, 3160} New Water Pump Seal and Pumps Used on Certain 3500, G3500, and C175 Engines {1361, 7555} A Polycarbonate Glass Rear Window is Now Available for Service Replacement on Off-Highway Truck/Tractor {7301, 7310} A New U-Cup Seal is Now Used in the Steering Cylinder Group on Certain 773F, 775F, 777D, 777F, and 777G Off-Highway Trucks {4303} An Improved Thermostat Switch Is Now Used In the Air Conditioning System on Certain Machines {7320} New Fuel Priming Instructions are Available for Certain 3126B Engines {1250, 1258, 1290} Electric Fuel Lift Pump (EFLP) on Certain C4.4, C6.6, and C7.1 Machine Engines {1256, 1260} Cat Reman Announces Changes to the Remanufactured Injector Rocker Arms for 3406E, 3456, C15, C16, C18, C27, and, C32 Machine Engines {1123} New Wheel Bearing Pre-load Setting Procedure is Now Available for Certain Motor Graders {3278, 3282, 4068} An Improved Bolt Tightening Procedure for the Critical Joints Is Now Used on All Excavators {4050, 4164, 5459, 7063} New Solenoid Valve Orientation is Now Used on Certain Cat Products {5479} New Diesel Exhaust Fluid Pump Connector is Now Used on Certain C7.1 - C18 Machine Engine Applications {108J} An Improved Multi-Function Joystick is Now Available for Certain Cat Machines {5063, 5702, 5705} New Machine Software for Cat Product Link Is Now Available on Certain Cat Products {7490, 7606, 7610, 7620} New Hydraulic Pump Pressure Plates for Certain Off-Highway Trucks are Now Available {5073} New Turbocharger Coolant Lines Are Now Used on Certain 3516 Machine Engines {1052, 1380} Identifying Oil Pumps on Certain 3400, C27, and C32 Machine Engines {1304} A New Antenna Assembly is Now Used on Certain Off-Highway Trucks {733B}

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