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New Transmission Control Group Is Now Used on Certain Cat Products {3065, 3168} New Front Window Group Is Now Available for Certain Excavators {7310} New Injector Sleeve on Certain C4.4 and C7.1 Machine Engines {1254, 1290, 1713} New Speed Sensor Groups Are Now Used on Certain Machine Engines {1907, 1912, 3141, 3175, 4803, 7493} New Monitor Software Is Now Available for Certain Cat Products {7620} An Improved Differential Housing is Now Used on Certain 777D, 777F, and 777G Off-Highway Trucks {3256, 3258, 3281} A New Bearing Cage Assembly is Now Used in the Planetary Group on Certain Wheel Tractor-Scrapers and Off-Highway Trucks {3030, 3160} Improved Retention is Now Used in the Exhaust Pipe Group (If Equipped) {1061} New Primary Filter (Water Separator) Element for C7.1, C6.6, and C4.4 Machine Engines {1260, 1261, 1263} New Rear Axle Sight Glass is Available for Certain Off-Highway Trucks {3260, 7479} Low NOx Conversion Event Codes on C7.1 Machine Engines {1075, 108D, 108U, 1280} New Plugs for the Hydraulic Circuit Are Now Used for Certain Excavators, Material Handlers, and Mobile Hydraulic Power Units {5050, 5057} Special Instruction, "Instructions for Installing Connector Lock Wires on Off-Highway Trucks" is Now Available {1401, 1402, 1408} Proper Maintenance Improves the Performance of the Circle Drive for Certain Motor Graders {5207} An Installation Procedure for the TLV2 Seat Suspension Harness is Now Available {1408, 7324} Improved Keypad Module Is Now Used for Certain Cat Products {5357, 7000, 7220, 7490} Improved Engine Harness Assembly Is Now Available on Certain Cat Products {1408} New Inspection Procedure for Heavy-Duty Alternator Voltage Regulator Protection Cap Is Now Available on Certain Cat Products {1405, 1405} Improved Wiring Harnesses Are Now Used on Certain C15 Machine Engines {1290, 1408, 1900} New Charge Air Cooler (CAC) Cold-Weather Thermal Management Improvements on Certain 12M2/M3, 140M2/M3, 160M2/M3 , 140, 150 and 160 Motor Graders are Now Available {1356} New Control Valve Bolt Is Now Used On Certain CX31 On-Highway Transmissions {1408, 1439, 3133, 3139, 3167, 3182, 7610} New NOx Sensors Are Used on Certain Tier 4 Final Machine Engines {108F, 1335} Improved Alternator and Starting System Test and Adjust Procedures Are Available For Certain Machines Equipped With C1.3, C1.7, C2.4, C2.6, C3.3B, and C3.8 Engines {0374, 1405, 1450, 1453} A Procedure To Install a Lubrication Group for the Circle Drive Pinion On Certain Motor Graders Is Available {6154, 7510} A New Drive Bearing Is Now Used on Certain 3406E, C11, C13, C15, C16, and C18 Machine Engines {1207}

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