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New Software Is Now Available for Cat<SUP>&reg; Product Link {7606, 7610, 7620} New Service Tooling and Fabricated Tool Drawings Available for 797 Off-Highway Trucks {0600, 0614, 0700, 7000} A New Cover is Now Available for Certain 12M2/M3, 140M2/M3, 160M2/M3, 140, 150, and 160Motor Graders {1356} Bolted Joint Best Practice Procedure for the Magnetic Switch Group (Main Power Relay) Is Now Available for Certain CAT Products {1408, 7499} New Deformed Thread Lock Nuts for Belly Pan Bolts are Now Available for Certain Large Off-Highway Trucks {7150, 7153} New Power Train Software Group Is Now Used on Certain CT660 and CX31 On-Highway Transmissions {3168, 4800, 4808, 7490, 7610, 7620} Process to Print Collage Schematics {0374, 1000, 7000} New Severe Service DEF Manifold Filter Option Available for Tier 4 Final C9.3-C18 Machine Engines {108K, 3206} Proper Maintenance Improves Performance of Lock Cylinders {0645, 7273, 7308} Military Electronic Technician (Military ET) Is Now Available For Military Personnel {0374, 0376, 0599, 1000, 7000, 7610, 7620} A New Engine Oil Pump Group Is Now Used On Certain Commercial Engines {1304} Maximizing Transmission Shift Performance on Certain M, M2, and M3 Series Motor Graders {3030, 7000} The Model Directory for Authorized Classic Machines has been Updated {1000, 7000} New Transmission Output Seal Now Used on Certain Backhoe Loaders, Telehandlers, and Transmissions {3030} Improved Transmission Filter Bypass Switch is Now Used on Certain Products {3004, 3067} Improved Fuel Level Sender Assembly Is Now Used on Certain Machines {1273, 7422} A New Improved Turbocharger Oil Drain Line Is Now Available on Certain 345D and 349D Excavator Engines {1052} Improved Bolted Joints are Now Used in the Rear Differential on Certain 797 Off-Highway Trucks {3256, 3258, 3281} Similar Product Support Literature Available For Military Machines {0374, 1000, 7000} New Wheel Bearing Bolts are Now Used on Certain 777F and 777G Off-Highway Trucks {4006, 4008, 4051, 7551, 755R} New Software Is Now Available for all Cat Object Detection and Vision Applications On Certain Cat Products {7610, 7620} Information on A/D/G Coatings for Bolts, Spacers, and Washers {7000, 7553, 7553} New Coolant Lines Are Now Used For Certain 797B Off-Highway Trucks {1380} Cat<SUP>&reg; Electronic Technician (ET) Version 2015C or Higher is Required When Installing Engine Software on a Blank Engine ECM for a C3.4B Machine Engine {7610, 7620} New VIMS Software is Now Available On Certain Large Off-Highway Truck/Tractors {7490, 7600, 7601, 7610, 7620}

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