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New Hose assemblies for the Engine Oil Filter and Mounting Group are Now Available for Certain Excavators {1306} Rear Axle Housing Harness Assembly Interface Connections and High-Voltage Cable Routing are Improved on Certain 794 AC Off-Highway Trucks {1408} New Rear Suspension Seals are Now Used on Certain 794 AC, 796 ACand 798 AC Off-Highway Trucks {7200, 7201, 7213, 7555} New Machine and Monitor Software are Now Used on Certain 313 to 340 Excavators {7490, 7610, 7620} New Cylinder Pack Components Are Now Used on Certain 785D and 789D Large Mining Trucks Equipped with a 3512C and 3516C Engines {1216, 1225} New Hammer Valve in Work Tool Hydraulic Arrangement Is Now Used on Certain 320D, 320D2, and 323D3 Excavators {5488, 6333} A pump Drive Breather Extension Hose Is Now Available On Certain PM620, PM622, PM820, PM822, and PM825 Machines {1387, 5057} Injector Hold Down Bolt Torque Updated on Certain C7 and C9 Machine Engines {1290} New Hoses For Smart Boom Are Now Used On Certain 320, 320 GC, and 323 Excavators {5057} Cat Product Links Deactivated when Shipped Out of Caterpillar Xuzhou China on Certain Excavators, OEM Excavator Based Specialty Solutions, and Wheeled Excavators {1417, 7606} An Improved Air Conditioning (AC) Compressor Is Now Used On Certain Cat Machines {1802, 1807} Improved Air Inlet Pipe Assembly is Now Used on Certain 390F Excavators and Mobile Hydraulic Power Units {1071} New Final Drive Sprocket Bolts Are Now Available for Certain Mini Hydraulic Excavators {4164} Suspension Group Transducer Port Thread Dimension Is Now Updated on Certain 794 AC, 796 AC, and 798 AC Off-Highway Trucks {7201} A New Cylinder Head Group Is Now Used for C175 Off-Highway Truck Engines {1100} New Machine Software Is Now Available on Certain 320 to 352 Excavators {7490, 7610, 7620} Updated Conveyor Group Is Now Used on Certain Cold Planers {7551} An Improved Radio Is Now Available for Certain Mini Hydraulic Excavators {7338} A New Water Pump Is Now Used on Certain C175-20 Off-Highway Truck Engines {1361} Brake Line Group Retention Is Improved on Certain 797, 797B, and 797F Off-Highway Trucks {4257} Updated Monitor Software (Operating System) is Now Available For TD520 GRADE Display {7490} Brake Cooling Pressure Check Test and Adjust Procedure is Updated to Eliminate Live Work on 784 through 797F Off-Highway Trucks {0599, 0731, 1365, 4250} Indicator (Digital Level) Tool Requirements for Accuracy on Certain Next Generation Excavators {0599, 0600} New Films for the Stairway Group Are Now Used In Powered Access Stairway Group on 794 AC, 796 AC, and 798 AC Off-Highway Trucks {7254, 7405} Hood Wiring Group Harness Is Improved for Serviceability on Certain 794 AC, 796 AC, and 798 AC Off-Highway Trucks {0669, 1408}

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